Article I

The name of our umbrella organization is "Est Actio", suggesting true action to solve the general classification known as “wicked” problems. This project falls within the above mandate. The Stable Climate Group aims to promulgate ways and means of responding to the wicked problem of climate change.

This Group is identified herein by its mnemonic: SCG.


Article II

The purpose of SCG shall be to conduct studies, discussions, and to develop recommendations for the international community on generic issues affecting the world climate. Specifically, some immediate goals are to consolidate and disseminate reliable information on: 1) alternative energy sources and recommendations for their appropriate usage, 2) consequences of and remediation of abnormal carbon dioxide uptake in oceans 3) social aspects - ways each individual, industry, community and country can reduce its carbon footprint and the economic, social, and environmental costs (or benefits) of these actions.  The objective of SCG is to initiate and encourage the development and utilisation of climate stabilization policies, practices, and technologies in a safe and economic manner throughout the world via its status as a learned society.


Article III

The charter members of SCG shall be composed of those individuals listed in Appendix I, attached hereto and made a part hereof. The membership of SCG shall be composed of prominent senior people having experience, knowledge or a deep interest in the preservation of benevolent climate on this earth. It is beneficial to include in the membership a wide representation of people of diverse backgrounds as well as from many different countries.

New members of SCG shall be elected in accordance with the Bylaws.


Article IV

The officers of SCG shall be a Chairman, five (5) Vice-chairmen, Secretary-Treasurer, and all of the surviving past Chairmen. One of the Vice-chairmen shall be selected by the Executive Committee to perform the duties of the Chairman when the Chairman is unable to carry out his or her duties.

Executive Committee

Article V

SCG shall have an Executive Committee composed of the Officers of the group.


Article VI

Elections for Officers shall be held every other year starting with 2016.The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee, which will submit membership nominees to SCG membership. Election shall be by a majority of members voting in a mail ballot. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner at any time.


Article VII

There will be an Annual General Meeting, normally upon the call of the Chairman, a majority of the members of the Executive Committee, or of the majority of the members. Meetings of the Executive Committee will be held upon the call of the Chairman, or of a majority of the members of the Committee. The venue of meetings will be chosen by the Chairman, and may be either in-person or remote-electronic, as is deemed to be convenient.

Duties of the Executive Committee Members

Article VIII

The duties of the Executive Committee members shall be as follows:

The Chairman shall preside over meetings of SCG and the Executive Committee, shall represent the group as required, and shall generally oversee the management and operation of the group in accordance with the terms of this Charter and Bylaws.

The Vice-chairman selected in accordance with Article IV shall have and exercise all powers, authority and duties of the Chairman in his absence or inability to serve.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall record and maintain minutes of all meetings of SCG and of its Executive Committee, and shall issue such communications as requested by the Chairman, Executive Committee or a resolution of a General Meeting.

The Executive Committee shall deal, between Annual General Meetings, with any business that may arise in accordance with the group’s Charter, Bylaws, and general policies.


Article IX

The Officers shall be authorised to solicit subscriptions or donations as shall be from time to time determined by a General Meeting, and to administer such funds in the interests of the group. Subscriptions or donations may be solicited from individuals, corporate entities, or Agencies at the discretion of, and with the approval of, the Executive Committee.

Charter amendments

Article X

This Charter shall be adopted, or may be amended, at any regular meeting called at least in part for that purpose, or by a mail ballot.

Charter Adoption

Article XI

This Charter shall be adopted, or may be amended, upon the approval of two-thirds of the ballots cast, subject to more than 50% of the active membership having voted.

The Bylaws

Article XII

Bylaws may be adopted or amended by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee members present at an Executive Committee meeting called at least in part for that purpose, or by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee members voting in a mail ballot.



(Herein designated SCG)


1.1 New Members will be admitted to SCG by a majority of the existing members voting in a mail or electronic ballot. Founding Members are considered members independent of the process of admission.

1.2 A member who participates in the affairs of SCG will be considered as an "Active Member". A member may choose to withdraw from active participation. He or she will then be reclassified in the category of "Past Member" according to procedures described below.

1.3 The list of Active and Past Members will be maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer.

1.4 The number of Active Members will be limited to one hundred.

1.5 Candidates for admission must be presented by one Active Member of SCG plus one member of the Executive Committee.

1.6 A member may resign by informing the Chairman or the Secretary-Treasurer in writing.

1.7 A member may be expelled only on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, and with the approval of a simple majority of the Membership.


2.1 The term of office of the Chairman shall be two years. The Chairman shall not normally be re-elected for a consecutive period of office.

2.2 The Vice-chairmen will be selected on the basis of excellence and interest, and their term of office shall be two years. They may also be re-elected for one or two consecutive terms.

2.3 The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for a period of two years, normally coincident with the period of office of the Chairman. The Secretary-Treasurer may be re-elected.


3.1 Decisions at regular meetings shall be taken by simple majority of active members present including proxies, the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

3.2 Proxies may be given only to another SCG Active Member.

3.3 The Annual General Meeting will embrace

  • results of elections
  • reports from the Chairman and from committees
  • resolutions on policies and programs to be adopted
  • any other appropriate business.

3.4 Special meetings called under Article VII of the Charter will fulfil the following conditions:

  • At least one Vice-chairman will be present and will participate in the meeting.
  • Business shall be confined to items on an Agenda circulated in advance to the Executive Committee and to the general membership.
  • Any conclusions, which will be of an advisory nature, will be reported to the Chairman and to the Executive Committee.

Studies, Website postings, and Recommendations

4.1 In keeping with Article II of the Charter, the Executive Committee may commission a study or development of a recommendation on any issue of current interest to the Stable Climate group. Such studies or recommendations also may be proposed by the Officers or by any Active Member of SCG.

4.2 The Officers of SCG will analyse the proposals for studies and recommendations and will decide the corresponding subject, title and study group members who will conduct the work. Any proposed study or proposal to prepare a recommendation must be approved by the Executive Committee with a qualified majority (2/3 of voting members). When the Executive Committee has approved a new subject for a study, relevant information will be circulated to all SCG members.

4.3 The study group identified in paragraph 4.2 will be headed by an SCG member, but need not always be composed solely of members.

The study group’s report may be submitted for publication in appropriate media, either technical or non-technical. It will be the responsibility of the members of SCG if they so wish, to arrange for the publication of such studies in their area of influence.

4.4 Draft documents prepared by the study group shall be circulated for comments to all members of SCG within no more than two months. The study group shall produce, within two months, a second draft incorporating, so far as possible, all comments received from SCG members. This second draft shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval at its immediately following meeting, where further minor modifications may be made as appropriate.

4.5 Draft documents must receive the unanimous approval of all members of the Executive Committee before being posted to the website. If no qualified majority favours approval, the subject will be cancelled. However, the Chairman retains the right to refer the paper back to the study group for a further Draft.

The website

5.1 The window for readers of SCG materials will be the website with address:

5.2 Responsibility for website posting and maintenance lies with the Executive Committee or their delegate(s). One example might be a Webmaster, engaged under contract.