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Wicked Problem Facilitator Training


 By Dick Hutchinson

The engineers, scientists and others who wrote and contributed to this report have the same stake in global warming as you do – concern of impacts on ourselves, our children, and future generations. We are not climate experts, have no axes to grind, and receive no special-interest money. We focused on finding solutions to the problem of global warming rather than debating its existence. Nevertheless, complex problems must be understood to be solved. We start by evaluating global warming in its broadest sense to see the “whole elephant” and realize that the problem touches all aspects of the earth’s natural systems and many social/political issues as well – together threatening the survival of Modern Civilization. Fortunately, this colossal challenge also offers colossal opportunity to advance technically, economically and socially – all driven by necessity. Responding to both threat and opportunity, we offer three global projects to successfully address global warming, and three adaptations to both survive global warming and to advance technically, economically and socially.

Climate Conversations

By Alan Emery

Discussing climate change helps people understand the consequences of climate impacts as the temperature continues to rise. Not everyone is convinced that the climate change is due to human activities, so for some people the need to try to solve climate change is not real.

Dateline August 2016

July 2016 was the warmest July in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York.

Geoengineering and Aerosols

By Zachary Jacobson

"Geoengineering is like taking painkillers," said a writer. "When things are really bad, painkillers can help but they don't address the cause of a disease and they may cause more harm than good. We really don't know the effects of geoengineering but that is why we're doing this research."

Carbon Dioxide and Temperature

By Alan Emery

CO2 has become an easy way to flag the changing future climate because the CO2 and temperature are so closely synchronous throughout the last 800,000 years as discovered in the Antarctic and Arctic Ice Core research records.

The Current State of World Reactor Development

by Dan Menely

Over forty-five new reactor designs are at early or late stages of development, according to the IAEA. Overall, today’s program confirms Admiral Rickover’s statements. Stating that they were comments from the early 1950's. Rickover (pictured above inspecting the first nuclear submarine) read some of these statements as part of his testimony before Congress, published in AEC Authorizing Legislation: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (1970), p. 1702: